Rossi Long Gun* Repair Policy

What does this warranty cover?
This warranty covers any service and repair needed by any product manufactured by Rossi, and imported by Braztech International L.C. or manufactured in the United States by Braztech International L.C.

How long does coverage last?
This policy is in effect for one year from the date of original purchase. 

What will we do?
BrazTech will service and/or repair all covered products free of charge.

What does this warranty not cover?
This warranty does not cover grips, sights, accessories, or cosmetic defects after one year, or damage caused by customer abuse at any time. This express limited warranty is the only warranty on this product. This product is sold as is and has no implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.

*Includes the Circuit Judge.

Rossi Revolver Lifetime Repair Policy**

Without extending our normal warranty, we will repair, free of charge, any firearm manufactured or distributed by BrazTech International L.C. The terms, conditions and limitations of this unique lifetime repair policy will be contained on the card accompanying each firearm. Additional copies of this card, explaining our lifetime repair policy are available at our office.

How do I get service?
To simplify repair and service, Rossi products imported by Braztech Int'l. are serviced and repaired by Braztech. Questions regarding the products of either company can be directed to Braztech in Miami, Florida at 305-474-0401, or in writing to:

BrazTech International L.C.
Consumer Care Department
16175 N.W. 49th Avenue,
Miami, FL 33014

When sending in your firearm, please be sure to remove all ammunition and do not include any with the firearm. This is a violation of Federal Law. Please remove any custom grips/stocks, scopes, rings, slings or other accessory. Braztech International L.C. will not be responsible for these items.

This repair policy only applies to revolvers manufactured by Rossi and imported by Braztech International L.C. The firearm will be stamped "Braztech Int'l L.C. Miami, FL USA" Those not imported by Braztech are not covered and cannot be serviced by us. If you are unsure, please call 305-474-0401 and ask before shipping your firearm.

** This warranty applies to handguns only and not to the Circuit Judge.

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