Rossi offers revolvers in both long and short barrel lengths. These handguns are of the same quality and reliability that have been part of the Rossi name for the last century.
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Rossi's small frame, 5 shot revolvers chambered in .38 Special are the Model 351 in blue steel and the Model 352 in stainless steel.

Rossi's 6 round revolvers in the well-respected .357 caliber are the Model 461 in blue steel and the Model 462 in stainless steel.

Two inch barrels make them the right size for personal protection. While they're built extra tough to handle all .357 Magnum cartridges, they will fire the popular .38 Special Standard and .38 Special +P rounds as well. 

In .357 Magnum, Rossi has two long barrel offerings - Model 971, a blue steel 4 inch barrel and Model 972, featuring a stainless steel 6 inch barrel model. There is also the Model 851, a .38 Special in blue steel with a 4 inch barrel and 6 round capacity.

All Rossi Revolvers have the lifetime repair policy, as well as the patented Taurus Security System. The Taurus Security System is a simple, integral locking device that allows the firearm to be secured by use of a special key. When the system is engaged, the hammer cannot be cocked and the trigger can not be pulled.

Rossi 357 Magnum

Rossi 38 Special
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