Rossi Single Shot Rifles feature hand-fitted wood stocks, Rossi's recoil pad with the distinctive white-line spacer, fully adjustable sights and sling swivels. The centerfire models feature an extra-wide positive action extractor to ensure easy removal of the spent case when you open the breech, while the rimfire models carry a powerful ejector that kicks the spent case clear every time.
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Newest to the line are our heavy barrel rifles in .223, .243, & .22-250 designed expressly for the long distance shooter. The heavy barrel damps felt recoil and the included scope mount base allows the mounting of your favorite optics using standard 1" high Weaver style rings. The barrel is button rifled for extreme accuracy and hand fitted to the receiver to assure a great shot every time.

These rifles feature 3 safety systems to ensure that your shooting is as safe and enjoyable as possible. Each Rossi Single Shot Rifle incorporates the transfer bar mechanism which stops the hammer from striking the firing pin unless the hammer has been cocked and the trigger pulled rearward. This helps prevent accidental firing from drops or impact. Rossi rifles incorporate our breech lock system, which prevents the action from being opened or closed when the hammer is cocked. All new rifle models feature our manual hammer block safety, something that only Rossi offers. When the safety lever is engaged, the hammer block system elevates a blocking bar that prevents the hammer from reaching the transfer bar mechanism and the firing pin. Over 100 years of firearms design has taught us that safety comes first and foremost.

Rossi standard profile rifles feature adjustable sights - the front adjusts for windage and rear for elevation. All models are also drilled and tapped for a scope mount base. When combined with the crisp trigger pull of a Rossi, these guns are sure to hit the mark.

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Full Size Rimfire

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